Dungeons and Dragons Online dishes out anniversary gifts

Quick, loot the treasure while the GM is distracted!


While we usually convene here at Massively OP to discuss game launch anniversaries, today we have something slightly different: the launch of a business model that shook the MMO industry. We speak, of course, of 2009’s free-to-play shift that mostly started with Dungeons and Dragons Online.

To mark the occasion, Standing Stone Games is giving players a whole lot of freebies this month. Even if you don’t play regularly, these are definitely worth logging in at least once to snag them.

So what are these freebies? The big one is a free five-quest adventure pack (The Path of Inspiration pack) that you can get starting on September 19th. Prior to that, from now through the 18th, players can enjoy free Veteran Status III, which means that they can roll up instant level 10s upon character creation. See this as an unlimited character boost that will run for a week’s duration.

Source: Dungeons and Dragons Online. Thanks DDOCentral!

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I followed the “whole lot of freebies” link thinking everything on the linked page would be a freebie, was blown away by what’s in the 10th Anniversary Bundle, excitedly logged in to check and discovered it costs 3,995 DDO points :(

But does seem like good value for those who have that many points to spend, as the best Tome of Supreme Ability generally available is +7 for 5,445 points and the other two items would usually cost 2,490 points.

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The dates for the Veteran’s Status III are not right, Cordovan indicated on the forums the dates were boobooed:

Sorry, I messed up the dates. The page was built using dates that ended up shifting out by a week, and I can’t believe I didn’t catch it yesterday. The dates on the page are now correct.

The actual dates are September 20th and running through September 25th.


The Path of Inspiration is a good choice as it is upper level Heroic content. Most of the free-to-play content is lower level.