Fallout 76 offers up another Meat Week for cleaning up Appalachia

Cool, we'll meet the meat.

Appalachia is kind of a mess in Fallout 76. To be fair, so is the world as a whole since nuclear conflicts tend to end that way, but it’s Applachia where player characters are picking up the pieces as part of the ongoing Project Clean Applachia meta-event. The current task is for players to collectively take out 10,000 Scorchbeasts by September 23rd. Your reward? The return of Meat Week and all of the tasty irradiated barbecue you could hope to eat alongside that returning event.

Players can also unlock additional cosmetics and even an entire extra week of Meat Week by killing the required Scorchbeasts faster, so there’s plenty of reason to head out into the wild and just go to town on those Scorchbeasts. This is further enhanced by the fact that the game has a double experience event running in all game modes, including Nuclear Winter, until September 16th. So why not pop in and hunt some critters? You’ll get some meat for it.


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I’ll play the game when the publisher allows me to host my own server and create my own mods, to the same extent previous Fallout games allow.

At that point, though, this kind of event won’t be a draw anymore because I will be able to simply turn them on or off for my server at will.


Anyone still playing this even? Playing a recent reboot of an MMO, a reboot without stores, currencies, … a reboot where your subscription covers absolutely 100% of the content, I don’t ever see me returning to such shameful cashgrabs.

That fridge-thing should be an instant /delete to 75% of the pop.


Appalachia is probably one of the places that’s better off after a nuclear winter.

Bruno Brito

That’s what patrolling the Mojave makes you wish for.


And then you can keep your meat fresher longer in the fridge, all for a high, high price !