Guild Wars 2 talks up 2v2 PvP, Swiss tourneys, and the future of ‘expansion-tier features’

Guild Wars 2 talks up 2v2 PvP, Swiss tourneys, and the future of ‘expansion-tier features’

Guild Wars 2 PvP. It seems that you either like it, or you think it’s missing a whole lot. But what does ArenaNet think – is it in a good spot, or is there’s more that can be done outside of balance? A new interview with the devs just a few days out from the launch of the game’s upcoming saga has provided a bit of insight on where PvP may be headed in the near future of Guild Wars 2.

While the interview with PCGamesN (which appears to be a longer version of the interview posted earlier this month) mostly takes a broad-strokes look at the overall future of Guild Wars 2, it does offer a few notes that are likely of interest to the PvP contingent. For one, game director Mike Zadorojny explains why 2v2 maps have been so slow to arrive, saying that the devs don’t want to “fragment” the playerbase – they way having multiple PvP activities in Guild Wars 1 did.

“With Conquest, the goal was to always have one thing that, if you wanted to be the best at PvP, this is what you went and did. As opposed to ‘well, now there’s actually two things that are going on,'” he reasons. With that said, the team is experimenting with off-season things to fill the time between Conquests.

Zadorojny also offered some word about the Swiss tournament format, which fans of Guild Wars 2 will recall has been listed as a feature that’s been Coming Soon™ for a long while. The good news is that it appears to be in development now: According to senior designer Ben Phongluangtham, Swiss tournaments will arrive for public testing as special tournaments and will become the default ruleset for all tournaments in Guild Wars 2 once testing is complete. While a timeline for when this format will arrive wasn’t given, Zadorojny did state that the Swiss format and world restructuring work is in progress; efforts have been marred by some backend issues, but both features will be released as soon as possible.

Reader will recall that the original interview excerpt included a mention that the company hadn’t ruled out other expansions. Apparently there was more to that bit in regard to expansion-tier features – including elites.

“Things that we wouldn’t rule out – but that we’re not talking about today – would be like another mount, another elite specialisation, those types of things. Those are all things that traditionally have waited until a boxed product is ready. But instead, now we’re saying, ‘look, here are the things that we’re doing. Here’s what we’re releasing right now. Here’s what’s next.’ Some of that was given in the roadmap from February. We’re getting pretty close to being done with all the things I said we were going to do, and now going into the territory of the things that I said were on the horizon.”

source: PCGamesN

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I see the hate brigade is out again, here’s the funny thing though a lot of people that bash GW2 seem to bash most other MMOs as well except for the ones that they’re playing (except for the bitter people that don’t even play MMOs any more that just show up to complain about the dead or dying genre).

While you all have fun at the museum playing WoW Classic (no judgement, I dabbled in it for about 2 weeks until I realized that off hour players get the shaft because of mob tuning encouraging groups) I’ll probably fire up the new Episode when my next weekend rolls around on Wednesday.

Bruno Brito

Realizing the flaws of a company and wishing for better management is completely different of what hating a game is.

I played GW2 for the better part of 5/6 years. I’ve languished while they kept Dungeons in their sorry state, took years until their open world events were more than zergfests, and gave something more than slaps on the faces of the WvW population.

I LIKE GW2. I actually do. But i have no respect for what Anet did with the game, completely thrashing the core values of what GW2 was supposed to be ( the manifesto ) towards a game with absolutely no vision clarity whatsoever.

If you think this is hating, then you clearly lack the basic understanding of how complex a line of thought can be. Criticism isn’t hatred.

But whiteknights will whiteknight, i suppose. Nothing more damaging to a product than it’s creator thinking it’s spotless.


Look I respect you I always have, but you are the flaw guy, I get it though because I tend to do the same thing. You’ve got this tendency of pointing out the flaws of most games you comment on, I wonder what you actually play some times because it seems you don’t think anything is worthy of your time; I’m thinking that might be Classic, for the time being.

I’m trying to change that quality in my self, I’m not always successful but I’m starting to realize that every MMO is flawed in some way, and those flaws will never be fixed unless they shift their design philosophy away from something that makes the game work (I think this chameleon behavior hurt retail WoW through trying to reinvent itself every 2 years). Hell the past 2 weeks I was playing WoW Classic having good and bad experiences, I’ve shelved the game for now because it doesn’t work for some one with my schedule because I believe the game was designed to be enjoyed with at least one other friend, I’m not going on a thing where I comment about it everytime it pops up in an article because that’s just not healthy.

Bruno I’m not sure if you remember my original sign in name, my actual name Bryan Turner, but remember when I used to go after Rift all the time in every single article MOP wrote about them? I claimed I too liked Rift, my problem was I couldn’t connect using a Mobile Hotspot (I had no access to Cable Internet at that time), I used to get triggered so often that the staff started targeting me. So now here I am years later still attempting to rehab my image while still trying to rehab the way of thinking that lead me to that point in the first place.

Regarding GW2, it has a lot of flaws, but it also does enough right that I keep it installed; I may not play it all the time but I no longer go to articles and bring up a lack of Story Mode Raids, the Raiding Community that killed it self over their META by scaring off new blood that preferred builds that were not glass cannon builds, I could go on but I try to only mention those things in Breakfast Topics when we’re given permission to do that sort of thing.

I have a lot of respect for you, we’ve commented back in forth in articles, when I went to war with the staff of MOP you were the only one that reached out to me to calm down and reevaluate (I’m not sure if you emailed me or it was part of a comment that was deleted but I saw that in my email), this was all under my original/actual name.

If my thoughts are a little more disorganized than usual I apologize as I just woke up (it’s still the week end for me so I sleep in until 8 to 9PM, 3rd shift life).

Bruno Brito

Look I respect you I always have, but you are the flaw guy, I get it though because I tend to do the same thing. You’ve got this tendency of pointing out the flaws of most games you comment on, I wonder what you actually play some times because it seems you don’t think anything is worthy of your time; I’m thinking that might be Classic, for the time being.

1- I play Classic. I actually have a lot of fun with it. I’m just different than Oleg or Anton or whoever. I don’t pretend games to be what they are not. When they have flaws, i point them because they’re flaws. There’s nothing wrong with having flaws in and of themselves, but a game having major flaws that go completely neglected for almost seven years is a bit too much, wouldn’t you agree?

Do you have any kind of artistic outlet? Let me tell you something about drawing, which is mine:

Perfection is a goal you always strive for. Perfection is maleable. It’s never achievable. It’s always changing. But even when it’s something you won’t ever achieve, it doesn’t mean you stop trying. That’s how Gioconda’s are made.

Masterpieces are a fruit of artists trying their best to achieve perfection. If you stop inside your own mistakes, instead of outgrowing them, you get disfunctional styles ( i know, i have that issue ).

Now, i’m not going to point fingers at Classic because Classic has 15yo. While i do think WoW to be a pretty mediocre game, it’s fun factor is actually high. I don’t like Retail, but i’ve been playing it to buy wow tokens and i’m actually having a lot of fun. Classic is old, and whatever we need to point Classic about, Blizzard probably knows already.

But this is NOT the case with GW2. Guild Wars 2 is still a game which is evolving, but has some of the same core issues/systems in place. I’ve repeated this for a while now, but let’s be fair here, GW2 has 9 classes, and one of them ( necro ) is balanced in an entire different way because that class is the only one which counters the entire core system meta for the other eight. GW2 is a game based on boons and conditions, and Necro is the prime class for destroying that, so, Necro is the ONLY class out of eight, that has to be held back by “class fantasy”, when all other classes have mobility out of the wazoo, in a game plagued by mobility creep.

Now. This is ONE issue with GW2. Let’s not forget the neglect for WvW and PvP, the powercreep brought by elite specs, the neglect of dungeons in the name of Raids, which btw, weren’t something that this game really focused on having before, between n other issues.

None of those issues are directed by Anet. They keep bringing elitespecs which capitalize in increasingly broken mechanics because they want each elite spec to “feel different” which is also a WoW issue where each spec feels like a class, but inside that spec, you don’t have much in way of personalization.

I don’t know about you dude, but i played GW2 from the minute it launched. I endured, waited, and yeah, i had fun, but the game could always be MORE than it was. Imagine my surprise when i realized that most devs who actively PLAYED the game, played with either subpar specs or had a severe lack of knowledge of how the game worked on most basic aspects? A Ranger dev played a bearbow Ranger. There’s nothing wrong with playing hipster stuff ( i don’t play meta mostly in any game i play ), but it’s always good to know how your class works.

The same happened with WvW, where devs took a week or a month, memory fails me, to follow known commanders in servers to see how the gamemode worked. While that was a good iniciative, after that? Nothing. WvW is the same.

None of GW2 issues beside some choices which while bad, are what they are ( skills being locked to weapons, class mechanics being lackluster, like Engineer’s for instance ), are issues that came from artistic vision. They came from a lack of understanding of how gamers and games ultimately work. Considering the first season of SPvP in GW2, i hardly doubt Anet had any kind of pretense their game should be a boon spamfest. They also didn’t had the pretense that dungeons would be exploitable, that the lack of trinity would translate to DPS stacking instead of more freedom, and that in the end, Necros would be so polarizing because their entire buffing system is countered by them.

How many class reworks we had in GW2? Why is that Engineer’s Kits are better than their true mechanic, Toolbelts? Why weren’t they reworked already to choose a kit to be their weaponswap and have different interactions with their spec? Why are boons and corruptions STILL not reworked to allow Necromancer a better design, and to actively allow the game to outgrow this garbage boonspam meta?

Yeah, i’m the flaw guy. Because i spent the better of 5/6 years enduring those flaws. Because i PAID for those flaws. And nothing irritates more than seeing a game change vision because of incompetence. Let’s not forget how long it took them to actively TALK to us ( Colin was a silent idiot ).

As an artist, i deeply hope everyone points me the flaws in my work, as i’ll keep pointing flaws in the games i see that have potential and are squandering.

When you hold people to an criteria of making better work, they, and i cannot believe i have to say this: MAKE BETTER WORK.

As for respect, don’t take me criticizing for hatred. I don’t hate Anet. I loathe small parts of their way of doing development and communication ( PR aspect, the tight leash on the forums, and the dismissal of issues without a blink ), but i don’t think they’re the worst ( nor the best ) company in the business.

But they DO deserve the scorn of a lot of ex-players, who faithfully waited and waited for their gamemode to be actually cherished by the company for once.

But you know what, fine. I’ll give GW2 a “small” chance:

GW2 is a social game. Give me Housing. It should have been implemented a looong time ago. Forget every single balancing issue of the game, but make we actively USE our home district as housing instead of a glorified resource node.

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Paragon Lost

I can’t take anything Mordy posts seriously because they rah-rah so hard, a critical conversation isn’t possible. Mordy and a few other posters are quite annoying in that respect.

They ruin the possibility of having a productive, interesting and insightful conversation about the good and bad of an mmorpg. One of the main reasons I post less and less here, I just don’t have the steam anymore to bother and instead just go read a book instead.

As an aside, have you noted how few people post under a GW2 post anymore?


Maybe you’re from a crappy generation, but my generation was raised as well as educated to use constructive criticism.

Constructive criticism is the process of offering valid and well-reasoned opinions about the work of others, usually involving both positive and negative comments, in a friendly manner rather than an oppositional one.

For example when talking about WoW Classic I referred to it as a museum exhibit which it kind of is as it is a time capsule from 2004 or 2005 depending on the patch used, I also said that I had dabbled in it, and that if I had a partner I could log in regularly to play with I’d probably still be playing WoW Classic because it is tuned towards small group play; you see that is positive criticism.

Unfortunately a lot of the people on this site either failed that part of their education, or they happen to fail at social interaction in general. You for example have nothing positive to say about me or the game you are criticizing, therefore your criticism, your opinions, and frankly you do not matter then because you lack the ability to converse like a civilized person when you have anything negative to say; that is unfortunate because you are capable of saying positive things just not capable of positive criticism.

Bruno on the other hand actually can manage to write something heavily critical while offering little nuggets of what is positive while making his arguments, which means he gets the concept of positive criticism, which is why he is one of the few people around here I respect when I come across articles with walls of hate.

Now not to sound like a hypocrite my self, some times I do just post to be a Troll, but I’ve been trying to improve my self in that regard to move away from that behavior but unfortunately there are some actual bad companies out there like Daybreak for example, but even then I can still say at least they develop annual expansion for their EQ franchise.

Bruno Brito

Here’s the point i’m trying to make:

We’ve been through these cycle of positivity towards Anet to improve GW2 for the better of seven years. Their most remarkable achievement towards a game that had the pretense of being a PvP sensation was losing their spot in the ESL for lack of viewership. I can offer positive criticism all i want, it won’t make a difference because Anet doesn’t care. Most positive spin on criticism towards GW2 were mostly a desperate attempt to make Anet pay attention to what their players had to say, which was futile. Anet is known for being a garbage company when it comes to communication. They blow at that. They were awful with Colin, and they are a little less awful with Mike.

But their forums are still run on a tight leash, they only interact on fluff on their reddit, and they actually believe that not promising anything, and then not delivering, is an actual way of developing a game. It isn’t.

But did you notice anything in my complaints? My complaints are not towards the future. They’re towards issues that plague the game for YEARS.

After seven years, honestly, that ship has sinked. I can be positive so you can realize i’m not a hater, but believe me, it’s way easier to just tell Anet to fuck off, considering i KNOW they will fail whatever expectation i have on them, even the smallest.

Bhagpuss Bhagpuss

Pathetic. How it can take a company this size (even after the cuts earlier in the year) so ridiculously long to do anything – no, make that everything. We’ve been hearing this sort of thing for years. It never changes.

GW2 has been running on fumes since a few months after PoF. And even the fumes are running out.

Bruno Brito

I can make a huge list about what could change, but everytime the Anet PR arrives, i kinda lose my willpower to give these clowns any time of my mind.

For one, game director Mike Zadorojny explains why 2v2 maps have been so slow to arrive, saying that the devs don’t want to “fragment” the playerbase – they way having multiple PvP activities in Guild Wars 1 did.

Really. What kind of lame excuse is this? GW2 playerbase is ALREADY fragmented as it is, because the three gamemodes ( PvE/PvP/WvW ) have no interchangeable value between themselves. Only WvW players are obligated to do PvE because gold gains in WvW were awful before reward tracks ( and i really don’t know if they’re any good nowadays ).

Gw2 SUFFERED because of only conquest. Mike clearly doesn’t play his game, to know what keeping only one relevant mode made with his product. Gw2 PvP is a mess. It’s always been bunker focused, which demanded balance towards spike. Damage is completely off the charts, and there’s an entire class locked into “class fantasy” while others aren’t, because that specific class counters their core boon/condition system, which is broken beyond belief.

And for a company that took almost 5 years to actually SPLIT skills between modes, them talking about balancing PvP being hard and fragmenting the playerbase is almost hilarious.

This game deserves waaaaaay better from this company.

Matthäus Wey

This “expansion-tier features” in combination with cooking 500 worries me.


“Things that we wouldn’t rule out – but that we’re not talking about today – would be like another mount, another elite specialisation, those types of things.”

we’re not talking about these things but im gonna go ahead and mention them. lol.