Sandbox MMO Boundless celebrates a year since launch – and 30 total updates


Hey, happy birthday, Boundless! It’s been a couple of months since we checked in with this adorable Square-Enix backed voxel interplanetary survival-crafting MMO. Back in July, the game got a positively massive farming patch, just one of 30 releases over the game’s lifetime through testing and launch. In its celebratory post this week, developer Wonderstruck notes that Release 230 has just hit the testing phase and talks up everything players have done to flesh out the game.

“Your hard work and dedication shows in-game too. The Gyosha Mall didn’t build itself. The Portal Networks certainly didn’t spring up overnight, and some of the large-scale builds we can see across the Known Worlds now are incredible. From the dramatic silhouette of Chateau Excelsior, to the skyline of Duskmoor or the psychedelic urban sprawl of Gellis Prime, there are some phenomenal sights to see across the game today. Our vision for what Boundless could be is coming to life block by block, and every single one of you has played a huge part in that.”

Want to take a peek? We surveiled the game’s most recent update just last month in an episode of our very own Stream Team:

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