EVE Online will end the nullsec Blackout tomorrow


The first taste of chaos for EVE Online has been the Blackout: a shutdown of chat within nullsec space that has certainly made life more interesting in that part of the sandbox. However, that chaos appears to be ending this week.

At the Berlin Fanfest this past Saturday, it was officially announced that the Blackout would be over this Monday after maintenance. Explanations for why CCP Games is walking back this part of making EVE Online an “absolute hellscape” weren’t given, but the prevailing theory is to combat an unexplained steady decline in player numbers.

There’s certainly no shortage of theories within the EVE Online community. As we’ve previously covered, player engagement has fallen in the wake of the Season of Skills event and players have had little incentive to try other things in nullsec. Whatever the real reason may be, things are about to return to something less chaotic in a few short hours.

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