Elite Dangerous takes its cash shop offline for this week’s currency revamp


It’s an odd sort of day for Elite Dangerous, as the Frontier Store has gone dark – but only for a bitsy: It’ll return refreshed as part of the September update on September 18th (17th for US players, if we’ve done the math there right).

As we’ve previously covered, along with the overhauled newbie experience and in-ship tutorial, the September update is completely overhauling the game’s currency. Frontier Points are out, replaced with ARX instead. In-lore, ARX is an “alternative currency created and regulated by the Bank of Zaonce,” but practically speaking players will be able to buy the currency with real money as well as earn them “by simply playing the game,” and then trade them for “game gxtras such as paint jobs, ship kits, bobbleheads and more.” The base rate for ARX packs on PC amounts to $3.99 US for 5000 ARX, with bigger discounts the more you buy.

Frontier says if you had any Frontier Point balance left over, it’ll be converted to ARX at a rate of 1 point to 20 ARX when the store is back online. In-game credits, mind you, will continue on as they always have been. Incidentally, Frontier says the game is not going free-to-play (“no plans”) and that paint jobs and ship kits will see additional improvements. Definitely check out the FAQ for more!