WoW Classic is hotfixing another exploit, this one in dungeons

Doom approaches.

The stated reason for the way World of Warcraft: Classic was built upon the modern client architecture was to reduce any chance of exploits, but “reduce” is not the same as “eliminate.” Sure enough, a rather nasty exploit was found allowing players to repeatedly farm any given enemy in a dungeon without resetting the instance, allowing for chain-killing even the final boss of a dungeon without even slowing down to clear the rest of the enemies. The exploit is being patched out today, thankfully.

Players who used the exploit shouldn’t be getting comfortable with a shrug and a “well, the good times are over” attitude, either; the announcement of the hotfix includes a promise that those who exploited the bug will receive appropriate punitive measures, likely including a removal of items at the minimum. While there’s always some measure of defense for ambiguous situations when it comes to exploits, we tend to doubt that anyone “accidentally” killed the final boss a dozen times without fighting anything else.

In less punitive news, players are working to put together a census of the population on WoW Classic, a task made more difficult by the lack of an Armory connection but not impossible. It’s a census purely of characters rather than players, of course, but it is the beginning of tracking activity.

Source: Official site, Wowhead (1, 2)
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“… we tend to doubt that anyone “accidentally” killed the final boss a dozen times without fighting anything else.”

“We didn’t kill the boss all those times…er..we kept putting it to sleep and waking it up so every so often!” #PiningForTheFjords

Nathan Aldana

I’m suroprised this hasnt been screamed about by the people still on twitters and reddits constantly also angry that blizz didnt include the original 1.0 bugs and all.

Bruno Brito

Because this is actually a serious exploit.

Malcolm Swoboda

This is more important than anything like that.

Max Sand

yeah, if you accidentally get it one time, someone leaves the group and as you are digging in your bags to figure out what to sell before you head to town and suddenly, it respawns you might think “What the heck?!?!?, the boss respawned” and kill it, its understandable in that scenario, but farming it is clearly an exploit, you knew it was an exploit and I have no sympathy if you get banned, even permabanned.

Malcolm Swoboda

Now will it be ‘exploit early, exploit often’, or ‘ban and rollback them all’ (including major streamers)? What is ‘appropriate’?

If its the former, that’s a kneecap to my interest in subscribing further.\

EDIT: Seriously, this is widespread, and simply banning the worst examples of guilds doing the top end content will not resolve the damage.

Kickstarter Donor

Good. This is one of those, “This is PAINFULLY OBVIOUSLY NOT INTENDED AND IS A BUG.” exploits that there’s no argument about. If you exploited this, you did so knowing full well that there was never any intention to allow packs and ESPECIALLY bosses to respawn in a dungeon so they can be farmed.

Slap em with temporary bans, and hell, if possible roll back their accounts. People who do this shit aren’t going to learn any other way. It ain’t hard to simply play by the rules.

Robert Mann

I like “Delete characters” as a result too. Forget rollbacks that might affect other people, just delete the offending party’s characters. If they regularly mail to another account, investigate that account for potential action as well (a regular workaround for things being a second account).


“those who exploited the bug will receive appropriate punitive measures”
Bugs are a fact of life for complex products; how they are dealt with (and the cheaters who pretty obviously knew what they were doing) is where the publisher shows their sincerity and class.


Welp, I never thought I’d be saying this- however:


I have grown tired of cheaters.