MMORTS Travian Legends turns 15 years old with its Victoria Codex event


You folks remember Travian Games, right? At one point, the company was designated as the European publisher for both Crowfall and Shroud of the Avatar, and while it’s not in that role anymore, it does still have games of its own – including, as I recently learned, a 15-year-old MMORTS dubbed Travian Legends. The game is currently celebrating that very birthday with what devs are calling the Codex Victoria event, which has already roped in “over 200,000 players” of the game’s 10M registered users.

“Travian: Legends is a ‘build and raid’ game at heart. Players start off with a small village and expand a prospering empire by executing smart strategies, interacting in trade and diplomacy with other players, and engaging in fierce battles over valuable resources, villages, and tactical locations. The main objective is to claim total victory of the server at the end of each round, and be crowned the best player. […] In Codex Victoria, the player chooses one of the five Travian tribes to start their first of many villages. Set on a map of ancient Europe, players join alliances, take certain roles and tasks to conquer different regions of the ancient European area. The game is still fun and challenging, as only one group of players can win the game. Reworked visuals for each tribal village and the game interface have been added, as well as more detailed player statistics and game features.”

Note, this post is not sponsored as we do not do sponsored articles, but Travian Legends is currently advertising on the site, so we wanted to clarify that!

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Rodrigo Dias Costa

I’ve started playing Travian on 2006, as I was in the middle of my second semester on college. I had to stop playing eventually, just because of the amount of micromanagement needed on the lategame. Had a lot of fun with some colleagues, but I’m old now, and have even less time, having to deal with work, bills, and a son.

I like Travian Games as a company, they do some interesting games sometimes. Sadly only the full War RTS ones attract enough of a playerbase to keep lights on. I miss Remanum (ancient rome trading game) so much.


Huh. I used to play Travian maybe 8-9 years ago? I don’t think it was this version, but another online bit. It was intriguing for a bit, but realizing you could log off and lose everything made me leave, and was part of why I started frowning upon PvP games. The whole ‘X person can steal all your stuff without you even being able to do anything’ made me like ‘Why aren’t they just making the people you’re taking stuff from NPC’s…’ but then I started to realize humanity just likes to act this way towards each-other, and I don’t like to be like that. I prefer to work WITH people/achieve things together. A lot of humanity likes to ‘win’ over others…but when there’s a ‘winner’, there’s a ‘loser’ and that person doesn’t get all the ‘fun’ that the person ‘winning’ gets, and so you start to realize that there can only be one or two ‘winners’ and everyone else is losing. So yeah…good on them for managing to survive with this poorly done PvP model…


15 years of annoying popups, that’s all Travian means to me, i didn’t even know it was a legit game.


I played it (or, rather, it’s antecessor) for a while, over a decade ago. I left the first time one of my villages was raided and never looked back. While I like traditional RTS games, both in PvP and PvE, I can’t stand PvP ones where a “game” might last days, much less weeks or months.

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Travian? That’s something my classmates were into in high school, thought it was long gone.


I remember Travian Codex Victoria. It’s on the ad bumpers on either side of this very page. Three odd looking rotoscoped modern humans and their rotoscoped counterparts from the Roman era.

Outside of that, I…. I don’t remember them at all.

As for sponsored content….