Ryzom turns 15 years old with events and an emerging story

This will be the last MMO standing when the atomic fallout fades


September historically has been a crazy busy month for MMO launches, and so it should come as no surprise that many titles are celebrating their anniversaries this month. However, there is one game that should get a special dose of honor, for Ryzom has reached the rare 15-year mark.

From now through September 22nd, players can investigate a mystery involving a pastry, meet the game’s historians, fend off invasions in the capital cities, and battle a mini-boss or two. You’ll want to find one of the “15 year globes” that are dotting the landscape to be teleported to a special island for the festivities.

The devs said that they are working hard on a new storyline project for the title: “Their specific goal is to help shape future game updates so that they run in parallel with the emerging storyline, and give the players an opportunity for input into the outcome of events. Plans are well underway to select a particular storyline topic which we’ll deliver to the Ryzom community via a series of game updates, some of which will likely be in-game events that the players can participate in to influence the outcome.”

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Source: Ryzom. Thanks Emanuel and Drelkag!
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