World of Warcraft posts its patch notes for 8.2.5, somehow not titled the Rise of Bees

Set sail for bees.

New models for Worgen and Goblins! New Party Sync features! The end of the War Campaign! And lest we forget, bees! Yes, World of Warcraft has graced the world with the patch notes for patch 8.2.5, which means that it’s definitely not arriving today (which was already clear) but it’s on the way in the very near future. Don’t be surprised by next week, in other words.

Or perhaps just ahead of the anniversary, but that’s a little while off.

The patch features have already been thoroughly dissected and examined by this point, although the aforementioned end of the War Campaign is still somewhat locked in mystery due to encrypted files. (You can go ahead and decide for yourself based on this expansion’s track record how likely it is that you’ll be pleased by the mystery.) Players will also see the game’s anniversary events ready to go live, including a confirmation that the timewalking raids will be available in Raid Finder mode as three separate wings. Check out the full patch notes on the official site and mark off the next couple of Tuesdays as potential release days.

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