Albion Online improves guild logs and adjusts enemies with its latest update

Storm's a-comin'

Have you ever found yourself fighting an enemy and think, “gosh, this boss has really let himself go?” Because the latest patch forĀ Albion Online literally describes the changes to the Elemental Lord that way. The Keeper Bear has also mellowed out, while the Keeper Witch has gotten trickier and the Undead Governor has been practicing his spin. Yes, it comes down to several balance adjustments for enemies, but isn’t it nice to see these changes framed in a somewhat more organic fashion?

If that alone doesn’t delight you, of course, you can instead focus on the changes made to guild logs for improved readability, along with improved guild history logs and recorded events. There are also changes to how crafting station fees are set, a new icon for Cleanse, and the usual equipment balance tweaks and bug fixes. It’s a mid-season patch, but it should be a nice quality of life improvement for everyone other than the Elemental Lord. That guy is justĀ not doing all right.