Blizzard clarifies the policy on World of Warcraft exploits following the dungeon exploit in Classic

Well, maybe this part.

We know that Blizzard intends to punish players who exploited a bug to cause endless dungeon respawns in World of Warcraft: Classic. But as happens whenever the company announces plans to punish someone using an exploit, players have jumped to the defense of people using the exploit, which prompted an official post outlining the reasons why the company treats different bugs and exploits differently in terms of punishments and rollbacks:

The key factor here is intent. Did the player do something with the specific intention of causing a glitch to occur, and did they do it order to exploit said glitch for their own benefit?

The specific post cites the dungeon exploit as a clear case in which the intent was to exploit a bug for unintended behavior and compares it to a streamer getting a random raid reset for Molten Core, with the latter cited as a case wherein the intent was not to reproduce or farm an exploit. Of course, if this sounds like every single exploit is being decided on a purely case-by-case basis with no firm policy about what is qualitatively different from an unfair situation… well, that’s also pretty much what the post is saying. So while we can presumably all agree that exploits are bad, there’s still space to be less than content about standards being enforced.


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Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

How very vanilla.

Matthew Denniston

Def needs to be case by case for any bans over a few days, permabans (wow capital punishment) should absolutely have a full hearing of facts and the ability to appeal (probably a few cases out there where some 3rd party gained access to the account and used it to exploit without the account owner’s knowlege/permission).

I think the individual case outlined was a situation where they cleared part of the raid one day and came back the next day to find the whole raid respawned. Which is qualitatively different from standing in the boss room having someome invite you to another layer and killing it over and over on the same day.

All that aside I think most if not all of the cases of people benefiting from this exploit should be long term / permabans, since it flagrantly violates the community standards, not just the eula, but the standards the classic community set for itself with #nochanges.


“…players have jumped to the defense of people using the exploit…”

It baffles me why anyone would try to defend the indefensible. Blizz really shouldn’t of needed to offer that clarification. Just saying.


Those types have been around for ages. “It’s in the game so it shouldn’t be an exploit. Otherwise the devs wouldn’t have put it in.”

Daglar when he was a part of RIFT put it nicely with his ‘Advice Mallard’ meme: If it looks like an exploit and feels like an exploit, chances are it’s an exploit. But folks like to pretend that devs know fully ahead of time every little thing that’s intentional and unintentional.


Unwittingly and unintentional are the key words here. So the player should least be given the benefit of the doubt in that. However, it’s when shit is so obvious, that it looks like it was drawn out with a Sharpie on an official weather map…it’s time when no excuses should be allowed to ever count. /sigh

Dušan Frolkovič

And people wonder why i am so jaded.

Some people will ride rules and laws to death when they restrict others,
but when they affect themselves or what they perceive as their domain, they will ignore and pretend to they do not exist. Double standards….

If they use the logic “if it is there it is intended”, when taken to the extreme, would these people start to run around and kill, just because someone found a loophole in the laws of their country?…… (sad thing is, with ongoing years, this is becoming less and less of a hyperbole and moving closer to reality)

Max Sand

I’d rather have them decide on a case by case basis, provided they don’t treat the same behavior differently based on bias. So, if some guy farms a last boss 30 times, and so does, say, a twitch streamer, they should both get the same. Likewise, if Guy A accidentally respawns the boss and kills it one time, and a youtuber also does the same thing, if leniency is for one it should be for both. If people who Blizz likes more get less punishment, it will become a case where everyone will be unhappy.

Jaymes Buckman

I don’t think it’s controversial to support appraising cases on an individual bases. Think of all the times where blanket bans have caused issues by unfairly punishing benign users. Not even just in games. I’m pretty sure YouTube is often criticised for algorithmic action against channels.


IMO, if somebody used the exploit once, OK give him the benefit of the doubt, but from two times and more on, perma ban on the account. This Exploit could simply not be done “by accident” or unnoticed. Everybody who experienced that must have noticed that it is not normal if Bosses respawn in an instance without leaving it or the corresponding ID reset.

Roger Melly

I think they should offer anything from a ban of a few days to a permanent ban ( for the worst offenders ) .