Bungie’s latest video talks up Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep and the plan for Year Three


Another “ViDoc” from the folks at Bungie is, as one would expect, chock-full of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep hype. In this latest sizzle reel-cum-documentary, players will get to hear all about what the next updates will mean for players of the shooter MMO. Yes, I’m allowed to call it that now; one of the devs said it in the video. Don’t @ me.

Much of what’s in the video summarizes the details that have been shared before: It talks up the setting and story of the Moon and the Nightmares waiting there, espouses its new Seasons, Season Pass, and Artifact, talks up Armor 2.0 and the new character customization options, as well as the new endgame grind and dungeon.

If you’ve watched any of these ViDocs before, you can expect the usual mixture of information and bombast. Find it below.

source: YouTube

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