Robot sandbox MMO Starbase has dropped a ton of new videos on ships, stations, and the universe


It’s been a hot minute since we checked in with Starbase, but that was clearly a mistake because Finnish dev Frozenbyte has been pumping out new videos left and right. As we’ve previously noted, the devs characterize the game as a “massively multiplayer online game with gameplay focused on building and designing spaceships and stations, exploration, resource gathering, crafting, trading, and combat” and a focus on simulation, production, and construction on a galactic scale, so it’s definitely one MMO players will want to keep an eye on.

So here’s what the studio’s been up to. First, there was a 30-man space battle as devs waged war over a space station, with little left but debris floating over a gas giant in the end.

Then Frozenbyte focused on how exactly players will be building out their very own ships.

And their space stations, which function in multiple roles across the game, including as player shops.

Yesterday, we got the latest episode of Boltcrackers, which is back as robots Bob and Dr. Bolt try to bust themselves out of prison.

And finally, today, the devs posted up their best yet: a skim through the scale of the whole universe.

Source: Twitter

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So the scale of the game is one large planet and an orbiting asteroid ring? That’s a lot smaller then I had expected it to be.

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As I understand the FAQ document ( this is the starting area/ea access area.

Jim Bergevin Jr

Welp, this makes Star Citizen officially late to the party. If SC ever gets out the door, it will be so far behind the likes of Starbase and other space games that haven’t even started development yet (and will still be realeased before SC). The memes will be real!


I was like ho hum until the one player got their ship shot out from underneath them, jettisoned themselves into space, pulled a laser pistol and started shooting the other guys ship, disabling it, and then forcing the other player to jettison leading to a laser pistol battle in space.

That is a thing I did not know I wanted, but now I do.

Mark Jacobs

That was pretty cool. I’m definitely keeping an eye on this one.