Chronicles of Elyria marks its crowdfunding anniversary with a contest and more crowdfunding


Most MMO anniversaries are to mark a game’s launch date, but since Chronicles of Elyria still hasn’t quite completed development yet, it has to mark the march of time another way: with a Kickstarter-versary. This year’s celebrations will offer up a contest for loyal Elyrians to take part in as well as a new crowdfunding challenge over the next four weeks.

The “Show Us Your Domain” contest will ask those who are domain holders to either create an image or write a 750-word story about their domain, with the winner of each category getting 5,000 EP and a unique monument that will “[affect] the domain in a positive way that is themed to the entrant’s submission.” Runners-up will receive 5,000 EP as well.

As for the funding drive, players who purchase an item from the promo category or a tournament token from the store over the next four weeks will add to a tally that unlocks various items that will be either added to the store, to the game, or as a free inventory item. Rewards range from a tabletop clock at the $40k mark all the way up to gliders, Drasean cannibalism, and astral dreaming gameplay features at $280k, $320k, and $360k respectively. Those who purchase qualifying items will also get two randomly picked rare resources that will be a required element in one of eight exclusive recipes that will be handed out at the end of the promotion.

There are some restrictions and other details to bear in mind — namely, that those who want to participate must have already paid off a pledge to begin with — so make sure to get all the details.


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Never forget that right after their kick-starter closed they said “We never imaged people would be surprised by the new the game would require more money to finish.”

Except ironically in the Kickstarter goals it has said

“The funding goal is the amount of money that a creator needs to complete their project”

So yeah, damn those backers for being surprised you needed more than your goal to finish.

agemyth 😩
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agemyth 😩

A consumable coin that can bring you back to life in a game built around perma-death mechanics and its behind a stretch goal-like fundraising goal.


“Thank you to all of our supporters who gave us money years ago for a game. As a thank you, we’re asking for more money from you!”

I see they’re using the Star Citizen model of crowdfunding for more assets, features, and content while already years behind schedule.

Someone needs to write a book about how crowdfunding almost immediately turned into a situation where developers prioritized finding new ways to raise money over ever actually releasing a finished product.