EVE Online shares the numbers from the Aether Wars: Phase Two event


The second phase of EVE Online’s tech demo for Aether Wars has long since come to a close, but there was still the question of just how many participated and how well things went overall. CCP Games has offered up those details in both write-up and infographic form, as well as announced the winners of related contests that took place during the test.

An overall total of 4,369 pilots took part in Phase Two, with 3,047 pilots at peak, which fell short of the 10k players wanted for the test. Over 1.2 million missiles were launched, raking in 4,361 killed players from 3,543 unique killers. The test also saw Andrea D’Acunzo of London win a trip to EVE Vegas and Aleksi Kulju of Finland win a Corsair gaming PC. As for the test itself, the devs at Team Hadean write that the testing pushed the Aether Engine in “unique and unexpected ways.”

As for what’s next for Aether Wars, the blog post ends with a very cryptic offer for fans to keep eyes on both the EVE Online website and the Hadean website for some “exciting” news in the very near future. For now, you can get the stats from the infographic below.


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Definitely weak participation. Though these sorts of tests that last a very short time are prone to that.


“but this time we’re targeting 10,000 players in a single battle “. I guess interest is really fading in Eve..