Learn about storytelling and art design from the Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers leads

Now don't kiiiiiiiss

At this point most Final Fantasy XIV fans are familiar with the name Natsuko Ishikawa, the main scenario writer for Shadowbringers. She’s the one responsible for the story that so many people have described as being among the all-time greatest stories in franchise history. So how did she feel when she finished writing the story? According to an interview on Noisy Pixel, she wound up sitting in a park with her her head in her hands worried about how players would respond. Yes, she’s happy with how players received the story, but you can never know how it happens.

The interview also discusses development with art lead Takeo Suzuki, who mentions his past in the industry and his lesson learned from seeing the initial launch state of the game (in short, better graphics that diminish gameplay are detrimental to the game as a whole). Check out the whole interview to learn more about both Ishikawa and Suzuki’s histories in the industry, their goals for future development, and their favorite parts of Shadowbringers.

Source: Noisy Pixel

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