Ashes of Creation previews the lore and creation of its adorable otter mount

An otter one bites the dust?

Who doesn’t love an adorable otter? Maniacs, that’s who. And if you get yourself an adorable otter that can also carry you on its back, like the tidebreaker mount on display for Ashes of Creation, then that’s just the best of all possible worlds. The latest development dispatch on the official site details the lore surrounding the taming of these creatures as well as showing off the creation process in a video, so those of you who just can’t get enough of otter mounts will have plenty to enjoy.

According to the lore, tidebreakers are used chiefly for delivering messages along paths that require traversing swamps, fens, and marshes, places that can be difficult for horses to navigate but are natural homes to tidebreakers. They also apparently tend toward being absolutely intolerably fussy when they’re hungry, just to add to that particular enjoyment. Check out the creation video below if you’d like to see how to go from the idea of riding an otter to making an actual otter for riding. They probably won’t be swimming around during the game’s next round of play in its battle royale spinoff, but sometimes you get surprises.


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yeah keep showing how little progress youve made in all these years by showing us mounts. Morons.


All these years? It’s been a whole two years.

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Dean Greenhoe

Looking good. Animation looks good as does the terrain. Mount bigger than what I prefer, but I am sure it beats walking. :)