Dota 2 issues decades-long bans against bad actors and account violators

Dota 2 issues decades-long bans against bad actors and account violators

As I understand it, most MOBAs are unfriendly places, especially the larger ones like Dota 2. In an announcement made by Valve in a dev blog related to matchmaking updates, things may get a whole lot friendlier thanks to a reportedly huge ban waves issued against the MOBA’s most toxic of players.

The bans in question are threefold: The first applies to players with “exceptionally low behavior scores,” which were said in the dev blog to be “too big of a tax on the rest of the community and are not wanted.” The second applies to players who have been purposefully buying or selling Dota 2 accounts to achieve a higher or lower ranking, and the third applies to exploit users. According to Polygon, some of these bans stretch on to as far as January 1st, 2038 — the longest possible length of time that can be applied to any account, which seems to indicate these are meant to be permanent bans.

The dev blog further promised to refine its algorithms to find these bad actors and issue weekly bans without advance notice to account holders. It then went on to explain that Dota 2 is working on the problem of smurfing, along with other matters related to matchmaking in ranked play such as role symmetry, updates to core and support ranks, and the addition of a role reporting system for those who draft against the role they queued for.

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Shao Primus

This is a great idea, I definitley have not played DOTA2 as much as I wanted to, simply because the community was Soooo Trash. Like worse than Rust, LOL. Thats really saying something right there. The amount of times ive been called a N word in this game.


They should have taken the plea deal.


unless these are MAC or IP bans, what does it matter lol?

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agemyth 😩

People care about their accounts because they have all their Steam purchases and dota 2 stats history tied to them.

Some people will inevitably be content with making smurf accounts till the end of time, but of course enforcing whatever the community rules are matters. Hardware IDs, MAC addresses, or IP bans can be worked around. It wouldn’t make sense to just throw ones hands up and let the community be destroyed by jerks.

The thing these people tend to care about most is their matchmaking ranks. To even unlock the ability to play ranked games you must play ~100 hours of the game and then tie your phone number to the account. It’s more than just a hassle to go through that again.