Here’s where Frontier stands on Elite Dangerous’ September patch bugfixing


In the wake of Elite Dangerous’ September patch, which ostensibly added a new newbie tutorial and revamped the cash shop to use a new currency called ARX, Frontier has been furiously attacking a new round of bugs that cropped up thanks to the new code, even taking down the store at one point after the patch. Most notably, the studio said yesterday that it’s investigating PlayStation 4 crashes, engineering UI lockups, Witch Head Initiative content, Palin’s base docking, ship switching, API connections, voucher code redemption, VPN logins, the HUD, and multiple ARX issues. It’s a big list.

The good news it’s being tackled. Last night, the studio announced it has fixed some of the engineering problems, mining disconnections, and Codex stat discrepancies. It’s also apparently re-enabled the ability to purchase ARX and ensured that Frontier Points have been properly converted to ARX as promised.

Check out the whole list on the official forums, and load up a pile of patience – you’re gonna need it.

Source: Official site. Cheers, Stuart.