The Envoys of Avalon Equinox event has returned to the Secret World Legends


So technically, the first day of fall this year for those of us up in the Northern Hemisphere is Monday, but that means nothing when it’s still scorching hot and we still can’t don our boots and flannel, so why not just start the equinox events early? That’s precisely what Secret World Legends is doing, as the limited-time Envoys of Avalon Equinox event has returned to the game – after a bit of teasing yesterday.

Last year’s event, you might recall, rolled out alongside the Occult Defense scenario, some of the last new content the game has seen since its reformulation and relaunch a few years back. The gist is that the Druids of Avalon emerge from Agartha and reward players for surviving 10 waves of Occult Defense, granting them not only Spoils of the Equinox but a repeatable mission to farm more and then trade them in for goodies.

MOP’s Secret World column Chaos Theory previously noted the locations of the druids and the simulation locations for those who want to run around and grab all the lore, and there’s an even more detailed guide to the whole event and scenario on TSWDB.


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Toy Clown

I admit I fall into playing Secret World only around Halloween, which is groovy for getting into the mindset of the holiday! Time to reboot the game for the year.

Marty Woods

Same here . Still haven’t competed Transylvania

Malcolm Swoboda

That’s nice. Where’s Congo? Or the rest of New Dawn? Or the missing elite dungeons and missions?


That’s being saved for their Sandbox Survival Game Reboot: The Secret World Rumble in the Jungle.


SWL is still going ?