Warframe delivers updates and improvements to Arbitration Alerts


Arbitrations, which are a type of Warframe Alert offered by the Arbiters of Hexis, have apparently gotten a bit of fine tuning. A developer thread posted in the game’s official forums earlier this week provided patch notes for a hotfix that hopes to make Arbitrations more satisfying to play.

For one thing, Excavation mission types were found to be the most rewarding in terms of time spent. To account for this, other Arbitration mission types have been brought up to par with a regular rotation length for rewards, changes to rotation cadence, a reduced drop percentage in Endo rewards, and a small chance for Arbiter Drones to drop Vitus Essence.

Other updates in this hotfix include a bunch of new Aura Mod and Arcane rewards, a price increase to the Arbiter’s reward manifest to account for the doubled Vitus Essence output, and tweaks to Disruption missions. The post also offers a list of miscellaneous changes and fixes.

It should be mentioned that these fixes are subject to change later based on feedback, so if you’re a regular Warframe space ninja, it may be worth your while to read the details, try these Alerts out yourself, and submit your thoughts.

source: official forums, thanks Sophiskiai for the tip!

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It’s kinda weird how much getting rewards twice as often changes the feel of the mission pacing for me, definitely better now! And I like that they’ve added more Auras to the game which boost the rest of the squad at your own expense, and an Aura and Arcane to make companions (particularly Sentinels) a bit less squishy.

Between getting mission rewards twice as often and getting Vitus drops from drones, Vitus income is about 250% of what it was while rewards costs are only 150%, so with Empyrean on the horizon it’s also quicker to get those Archgun Rivens now :)

But with so many other unique rewards to get (and the number of Arcanes needed to fully rank one up) I wish they’d cut down even more on the fequency of Endo and Ayatan Sculptures as rotation rewards, they’re still very common and I get plenty of those from Sorties.