World of Warcraft rolls out the barrels for another Brewfest full of new events and souvenirs


I love autumn, and one of the reasons why is because there’s lots of beer festivals going on at about this time of year. There’s also lots of awesome seasonal events in MMOs as well, and one of those is World of Warcraft’s annual Brewfest event, which is bringing in some new events, new souvenirs to collect, and (naturally) lots of returning beer-related shenanigans.

New for 2019 is the Brewfest Chowdown where four players compete to eat 10 plates of sausages without choking, with a Chowdown Champion Token waiting the winner. There’s also new timed events where Alementals, Hozen, or brawl-happy Iron Dwarves will arrive to try to ruin the festivities.

There’s also a variety of new souvenirs to collect including a tabard, a decorative head piece, and the Brewfest Reveler’s Hearthstone that apparently lets you “return home in the most jubilant way possible.” Of course, there are returning goodies and events for this year’s festivities as well, including the usual keg tapping ceremony at 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. server time, mounts, goods, toys, and battle pets.

Brewfest is on now until Sunday, October 6th. Prost!

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What holidays is classic getting? I’m assuming this was a later addition, like BC era.


Hallow’s End and Winter Veil, alas brewfest as you said; was added in BC.