ArcheAge Walk is a location-based mobile game coming to Korea (and not a prank)


If you needed any additional evidence that we are living in the weirdest timeline, look no further than ArcheAge Walk, the newly revealed mobile game that looks a fair bit like Pokemon Go in terms of presentation and gameplay features at first blush. Yes, this is really a game in development.

ArcheAge Walk comes from XLGAMES, in partnership with developer and Kakao Games subsidiary Life MMO Corp, which totally sounds like a real trustworthy company and not a shell corporation. Details on this game’s actual gameplay are sparse in the source report, but early indications are that ArcheAge Walk will feature combat, housing, and vehicles combined with real-life location-based elements. The game also hopes to provide “competitive fun, rewards, and sense of achievement through location-based service technology,” evidently.

ArcheAge Walk is due to arrive in Korea at some point or another. Don’t hold your breath for a Western release. Or do, I promise I’m not going to judge.

source: MMO Culture. Thanks, Simon!
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Daniel Miller

I already hot a pre register for this on google store. But may only show up to those with a kr phone like me.