Blizzard changes the /who function command in World of Warcraft: Classic


Who feels like running some good old-fashioned conspiracy theories? Because this one is a classic insofar as no matter what you believe the motivation was, you’ll be in conspiracy theory territoryWorld of Warcraft: Classic received a small hotfix that made the /who function a protected function, meaning that addons cannot automatically call the function and it must instead be manually used by the player. No official post explaining this change or the rationale behind it has been offered.

Players have already come up with two theories, of course. The first theory is derived from the obvious effect that this change breaks any census addons, thus preventing players from getting a clear picture of player counts, faction balances, and so forth. The other theory is that this is a workaround to prevent layer-hopping antics using the /who function to identify your current layer. With the lack of an official post on the matter, it’s up to individuals to decide whether the goal was to break census functionality, break layer-hopping functionality, or both. Until we get an official post, anyhow.

Source: Wowhead
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Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

Uh oh.


/Who are you? Who, who, who, who?
Oh, I really want to know…


Probably to help block spammers. Though those other things too prob.

Arnold Hendrick

This change also disables automated sprints that set up spam messages. Until this point, a simple script could use the /who function to build of list of players, to whom communication “invites” are sent. Those invites just happened to include gold-seller websites, guild invites, etc.

My guess is Blizzard will justify the change by mentioning that. Any protection from unwanted publicity or data harvesting is an additional side benefit.


If blizz cared about unofficial sensus addons, they would have done this way earlier, like back in WoD when player numbers were pretty dire.


Yeah chances are it was done to stop the spammers that were abusing the chat channel invite system. Because Blizzard for some reason set it up to where even if you auto-block invites it’ll still show in your chat log that they invited you to [insert gold seller site here].


Most likely it’s to prevent LFG type tools or tools that would let you send out mass group invites to tanks of the correct level.

Honestly it seem like a good idea to me.