Dual Universe’s new podcast talks up the features of alpha 2 and 3


Do you have 30-odd minutes to yourself and want to hear about Dual Universe? Then your extremely specific needs are met as a podcast from the devs is now online for your listening pleasure.

In this episode, Novaquark founder JC Baille, Novaquark Montreal general manager Stéphane D’Astous, and several members of the Novaquark dev team discuss their experiences with the game’s last alpha test as well as offer a rundown of some features that are scheduled to appear in the third alpha, including the ability for players to form EU-like Organizations and the ability for those Organizations to own buildings among other features. The team also takes a moment to talk about what life in the Montreal studio is like.

As mentioned above, it’s a pretty long ride. Get comfortable, maybe get a snack, and do some mindless grinding in some other game while you listen in below.

Source: YouTube
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did they mention working on combat/adding combat? i’ve heard that despite a lack of content there’s like some wild guild political drama. i can’t imagine what it is (let’s be real I can :( ) but with combat apparently being absent from teh game still it’s just… even better? worse? more baffling?


Yes the whole discussion about PvP starts at about 9 minutes in.