Infinity: Battlescape posts one last Kickstarter update before its Steam Early Access release


It’s been an exceedingly long time since we last heard from Infinity: Battlescape, the multiplayer combat-focused chunk of the original space sim MMO Infinity. The project first opened up crowdfunding in October 2015, climbing its way up to its final target and closing out with a successful fund that just crested over its $300k ask.

The devs at I-Novae Studios have been predictably hard at work since, but not before posting one more update this past August on its Kickstarter page. The update offered a word on integration of Steam accounts with I-Novae accounts, a look at the game’s in-progress star map, and a number of UI refinements. The update also noted that the entire month of September was being devoted to getting ready for Steam.

Infinity: Battlescape will hit Steam Early Access on Friday, September 27th, with a projected final release sometime in 2020. For now, there’s a preview video from YouTuber ObsidianAnt showing off some of the massive battles possible below.

source: Kickstarter

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Did they get the same narrator as ship of heroes?


If your referring to the video its obsidian ants video not an official one from the dev


I assume there’s more content than watching spaceships go boom? o.O

Rodrigo Dias Costa

I highly doubt it. Looks like earlier in development it was meant to be a open sandbox, but now they’re marketing as a (taken from its Steam page) “multiplayer space combat sim”.

Sadly, the earlier approach would make me really interested on it.