MechWarrior Online improves faction play and loyalist point earnings in latest patch


The thing about the world of Mechwarrior Online is that there are pretty clear-cut sides. Not just team vs. team but in terms of Clan or Inner Sphere leanings. No more is that evident than in faction play, where teams join up with a faction in unique match types to earn loyalist points as well as the usual C-Bills. With the most recent patch to the multiplayer ‘Mech shooter, faction play is getting a few noteworthy tweaks.

For one, loyalist players can now only pick their selected faction in a conflict unless that conflict pits Clan and Inner Sphere against one another. This means that conflicts will not allow for inter-alliance fighting, leaving queues to be balanced out with unaligned mercenary and freelancer units.

Loyalist point (LP) earnings are also being assessed, with LP opportunities available for kill assists, enemy sightings, and match wins on top of C-Bill earnings. Extra LP earnings are also being offered for taking part in a qualifying conflict while aligned to the Clans or Inner Sphere with improved end-of-match payouts.

Finally, there’s queue balancing being added in with a Call to Arms feature. If a queue sees more players on one faction than the other, then a general call for all players not aligned with the dominant faction goes out to the game client to try to pick up the slack. Players who answer this Call to Arms will be taken to a Faction Select screen, where the shorthanded faction will be highlighted.


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Liked to play it, but the factionplay they implemented simply wasnt fun.

Luke Maddux

The grind? Oh you mean the part where you learn how to move, shoot, think 3 steps ahead of your team and make strategic plays? MWO is a very difficult game that requires that you put time in to see the rewards. Learn the mechanics, read up on strategy and learn patience. To most non-potatoes that came up playing MWO, that’s called the learning curve. And if you thought that the game was about grinding time to get ‘a mech’ you’re broken and it’s best you keep youself out of internet shooters entirely. Thanks. By the time you have a grasp of how to play the game, money and mechs dont matter, only your skill matters….and if you thought grinding = skill… Go back to EverQuest or goblinnstomp you came from and stay there. MWO doesn’t want you.


MWO is not a grind fest… It has its problems like any other free to play game… but it’s a very solid and highly refined game that delivers a huge amount of fun compared to call of boot lickers or any other military shootem up of little value but high price.

No problems with the player base either. 12 on 12 brawls take about 2 mins to find and load at most any time. If you want to explore the “competitive” side of the game then you need a dedicated group of 4 or more people. Its not a kiddie SIM in that regards.

I have been playing since 2015 and its consistantly improving every patch. Its a unique one of a kind game. You either like it or you go find something else with your type of swagger.


Played a few matches, quite enjoyed it. Realised that to get the mech and loadout I’d like I’d have to grind for sodding ages.

Never touched it again.

Wolf Kiarsen

Yeah, I appreciate the poor lost soul(s) still tasked with improving this game. Here is the major problem with that: too little, too late. The foundation fan base was punched in the gut early on (Gold Mech $500 deal) and the grind that never went away and that cancer cut the life of the game and its fan base in half. Since then everything felt like it was in a sad slow decline. The playerbase is everything for games like this. Now, its a ghost town game. The switch from steam just futher nailed the coffin shut.

48 Pistols

These changes sound pretty good on paper. Necessary considering the lack of playerbase these days, game is all but dead. Average of 404 players/day over the last 30 days… worldwide.

But Piranha Games is dead to me for selling out to EGS, after they stated for months that we’d be getting Steam release of MW5. They don’t need my preorder anymore now that they have Timmy Tencents fat stack of cash.

So /shrug


Game suffers from the same issue World of Tanks does. Either grind for weeks for one thing or shortcut it with money. I used to play it a lot, but I got sick of all the grinding just to kit out one mech only to have it made obsolete. There’s a lot of fun gameplay and depth to it, but it was executed poorly on the monetization.