APB Reloaded discusses expansion into Asia, world consolidation, and engine upgrades


Little Orbit CEO Matt Scott has written up a dev blog full of tidbits of information for APB Reloaded players, including the game’s expansion into Asian territories, the consolidation of worlds to let players play together across regions, and word on progress with the engine upgrade.

In terms of Asian expansion, APB is getting a mobile game in the region thanks to a deal with Hong Kong-based Unit Game. The deal hands over development of the mobile game to Unit Game for release in Asia first and worldwide later. This frees up Little Orbit to focus on other APB Reloaded matters such as the engine rework and UE4 version while still maintaining ownership of the IP.

Speaking of the engine rework, Scott provided a bullet list of where the rework is in terms of updates made this past August. A beta date for the new engine version of APB is still unclear, but Scott maintains that working on it remains Little Orbit’s #1 priority.

Finally, there are some details about the consolidation of worlds. While this sounds like a server merge on the tin, it effectively brings different regions together, letting any player play any character in any region. This should offer up more people to play with for North American players and provide better latency to players in Asia-Pacific, South America, and Russia. Consolidation should occur in October.

source: Steam. Thanks, TipsMan!
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They’ve sold the rights after battle royale update has failed to attract any interest.

It’s like the 5th year of the transition to UT3.5. I admire the dedication of its two owner companies but I doubt new region-unlocked matchmaking will magically make the game popular. It need something different – like better PvE.

Bruno Brito

This is actually huge for them. They lost every right to the APB IP, altho they’ll have complete control over Reloaded. This is huge because if they try to spinoff the game, if they try to use the IP OUTSIDE Reloaded, they’ll get into legal troubles.

So, they’re betting on APB:R. Which, i’ll be honest, i don’t think it’s really wise, but LO is a small company, and i’m sure the selling of the IP gave them some relief to work on the games they already own.

I wish LO became like a company that holds small MMOs, like Neocron, FE, APB:R. It would be really cool to see them invest in these.

Bruno Brito

Another thing: The company that bought the brand is two-months old. Hong Kong is a taxation heaven, and this company appears to have be created for the sole purpose of making this purchase.

This is a bit weird.

Truth be told tho, good on them. The APB IP is worthless. Who gives a shit about APB story?

Grave Knight

Does APB even have a story?

Bruno Brito

Better question: Do we care to find out?