Australian police are investigating crimes linked to an Overwatch esports team

I do crimes.

The obvious old joke to be made was that if esports were real sports, they’d be linked to organized crime. Alas, the joke no longer can be made, because it turns out that Australia’s police force had already been investigating rigged matches for Counter-Strike tournaments. This investigation’s scope now includes an Overwatch Contenders team that’s supposedly linked to the rigged matches, which means that we now have all the win-trading and underhanded dealings you’d expect from people throwing around a ball.

The Overwatch Contenders league, for those who have forgotten, is a bit like the minor leagues for the larger Overwatch League, meaning that most teams under that header are also taking part in other ventures. Such as Counter-Strike, for example. The specific team in question has not been named. So if you think that links to organized crime are the true indicator of a sport’s legitimacy (and you would have a case to be made), well, here you go.

Source: Kotaku
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Jack Pipsam

This was the report that was alluded to.