Closers lets Seth head up to Special Agent status

Special agent fairy.

It’s time for anotherĀ Closers patch, and this one is all focused on Seth. Yes, you’re probably getting enough Seth in your life already (although you could always grab one of our packs of stuff for Seth if you want one), but the newest patch lets Seth reach the coveted Special Agent status. Seth also gains access to Season Three content, so it’s all Seth opportunities. Not that this is just the Even More Seth update, as the patch also adds in the new Full Moon City event sector.

The patch also adds in a variety of cash shop costumes, such as the fetching pixie outfit pictured above. Also, naturally, new costumes for Seth. Peruse the full set of patch notes for a picture of all the detailed changes arriving in the game, or just log in once maintenance is finished and have a fun time surrounded by Seth.


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