Paladins is shutting down in China on November 30


Publisher Tencent has come to an amicable decision with Hi-Rez Studios to shut down Paladins in China. The decision comes roughly three years since the team-based shooter was confirmed for the region.

According to an announcement from Tencent as translated by MMO Culture, the contract between Tencent and Hi-Rez has ended and both sides agreed that there will not be a renewal. Paladins will go dark in China on Saturday, November 30th, at 12:00 p.m. local time.

As for the shooter’s fortunes here in the West, things seem to be reasonably healthy if Steam Charts is any indicator. Paladins has logged a 24-hour peak of over 16,000 players, though that’s a mere fraction of the over 60k players that were in-game at its all-time peak.


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Well how im happy that tensent is no longer a thing in paladins


Seems like HiRez’s attempts to partner up with Tencent and get their games out in China didn’t go too swell. I guess maybe Paladins did better than Smite at least, but Smite was basically dead in the water awhile ago and Tencent kept it in eternal beta to where HiRez’s attempts to bring Chinese teams to their Smite World Championship would usually result in the Chinese teams being woefully behind in the metas.

Bruno Brito

Chinese teams being woefully behind in the metas.

Or…way in the front. It was the Chinese that brought the concept of Ne Zha ( and by extent, Assassins ) on the support role, which is good today. They also realized the power of immobile mages on ultra-aggressive comps, like Anubis, Zeus, Ra, which still work on some level today.

Of course, on their time, the itemization wasn’t there, and mobility creep was worse. Nowadays, the 3v3 on the middle lane helps characters that even without dashes, can zoom through the map. And other lanes also favour that, or tankyness, normally both ( Chronos and Zhong, both with Pythag comes to mind ).