Anthem leaves Cataclysm content in the game until the next seasonal update


The first major event for Anthem has ended, but the content hasn’t vanished just yet after all. A new post on the official site reveals that this isn’t an oversight or a misstep; the developers have opted to keep a chunk of the content running until the game has its next seasonal update. That means players can still participate in the Echoes of Reality portion of the event and earn crystals accordingly. It’s worth noting that this also comes on the heels of the whole change away from acts and to seasonal events as a whole.

Of course, this decision also comes with some minor UI hiccups, like the fact that the seasonal store was already disabled and thus not allowing you to spend those crystals. That should be coming back this week, with the note that crystals will not carry over to the next seasonal event (so spend instead of stockpiling). Players will also not be able to take part in story missions, freeplay events, or daily challenges from the season. So it’s a chance to still enjoy some of the content for an extended time, but more as an extended coda than a permanent addition.

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