PlanetSide 2 releases a PlanetSide: Arena cosmetic bundle and back-end improvements

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If you’re enjoying your time in PlanetSide: Arena and want to get some of that look in PlanetSide 2, the developers will be delighted to sell you a bundle for that. No, really, the newest cosmetic bundle added with the game’s latest patch is all about bringing over those cosmetic skins into the older title. The patch also improves server performance during Aerial Anomalies, fixes some faction queue problems, and generally addresses back-end development issues for both future events and current gameplay.

New to the patch notes if not the patch itself is a statement from the development team about where development is currently headed; the seasonal event for Halloween is on its way and working slightly differently this year by letting players pop open pumpkins for prizes. There are also new faction-specific assault rifles in the works and Sanctuary updates for after the Halloween patch. Player numbers for the game on Steam have at least been holding somewhat steady, but it seems like the hope is that more communication will bolster those counts.

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On the one hand…did anyone think this through? Did they think there wouldn’t be snark/backlash?

But at the same time, it’ll probably still sell pretty well. As angry and vocal as gamers in the minority can be, the “silent majority” usually seems to give zero shits about this kinda stuff. See: EGS sales and the loud cries for boycotts while games like WWZ and BL3 sell like gangbusters there.


The masses just want bread and work. If they have that, they don’t care about politics and boycotts.