Star Trek Online memorializes actors Eisenberg and Donner, adds intel science ships

I want to join Starfleet. I want it more than anything I've ever wanted in my life!


Brokenhearted Deep Space Nine fans who gathered together to remember the life and work of actor Aron Eisenberg (“Nog”) this week will be glad to hear that Cryptic has added Eisenberg to the game’s memorial plaque with the inscription “Thank you for everything, Aron.” Original series actor Jack Donner (“Sub-Commander Tal“) also got a mention following his passing on September 21st.

Cryptic also added a pair of new Tier 6 intel science vessels to the game’s store. The starships in question are the Federation Somerville and the Klingon Batlh. The ships also come with the Mycelial Spore Burst consoles and a Spore-Infused Anomaly trait.

“These starships all have a Commander-rank Intelligence Bridge Officer seat, and are considered Primary Specialization starships of the Intelligence type. As a result, they all come with the Intelligence set of starship abilities,” the studio said.

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I’m not a huge fan of the looks of the new Federation ship. The Klingon one looks sort of different and interesting though.

The Mycelial Spore Burst console looks a little cool, and I’d like to see how the trait they come with works out (“Science or Intelligence Bridge Officer ability will cause your Bridge Officer summoned anomalies to deal electrical damage and drain the power levels of all foes nearby.”). I use a lot of Science abilities when I play so that could be a positive for me.

It has a Fleet version which is always nice for the boosted stats and extra consoles, but I don’t see anything that would make me use it over other stuff I own after I got the trait.

I definitely do want that trait though and console to test out (the trait more than the console) so I guess I will probably end up buying it just for those.

Though I’m cycled around to a different game at the moment I will be back in STO again soon.

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Richard de Leon III

i wonder if nog will be stationed somewhere permanently or just keep his current npc interactions as is. I was hoping they would give him a permanent position somewhere.