Wakfu’s latest update, the Return of the Thirsters, is now live


If you play Wakfu but don’t follow the associated animated series, you might just think that “Return of the Thirsters” sounds like a vaguely bad group showing up. If you’re familiar with the animated show, you know exactly why the Thirsters are bad news. But regardless of which camp you belong t, you can experience the Return of the Thirsters with the game’s newest patch, continuing the Pandalucia quest and bringing you into contact with iconic zones as well as some new (to you) opponents.

But that’s hardly the only update with this patch. Players will also gain universal mount skins to be used with any mount, a major cooperative quest as part of the offering and steles mechanics, and some serious class rebalancing. The Pandawa, Cra, Sram, Ouginak, and Iop classes are all getting rebalanced and adjusted with this patch, so the game would feel very different even without the new content to explore and those dastardly Thirsters.


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