Fallout 76 kicks off another cleanup project while planning for 2020


The Meat Week has returned in Fallout 76, but players can already look ahead to the next part of cleaning up Appalachia starting on October 1st. Thankfully for meta-humorists, it will not involve cleaning out power armor helmets; instead, your objective will be to take out as many of the Scorched as possible as part of the community. The target goal is 8 million Scorched taken out, which is… disturbing if you think too hard about what that means in terms of the sheer scale, even spread out among multiple players.

For reference, the population of the entirety of New York City is about 8 million people.

Still, the development team isn’t just thinking about wholesale destruction as part of a clean-up project and is already looking ahead to 2020 for numerous quality-of-life improvements. These include multi-factor authentication for your account, perk loadouts, and a public test server for future updates. Combine that with fixes to the social menu and public event improvements and next year should be an even more pleasant time in the ruins of Appalachia.


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On the other hand if Fallout 76 really does have “millions and millions of happy players,” then it’s only a few hundred Scorched each. If there’s less than a million, everyone has to kill almost a thousand apiece. I have no idea how anyone could tell in advance though – at this point if Bethesda said water was wet I’d have to go run a tub to double-check.


Yeah my trust in Bethesda is severely diminished at this point. It’s too bad.

On the other hand, my trust in Zenimax, who is handling ESO, is fairly high, despite the poor draws I’ve had in their lockboxes recently making me a wee bit salty :P


Wonder when the Wastelanders update is supposed to be coming out.