Overwatch makes small tweaks to a large number of heroes in the latest PTR patch


Just under half of the Overwatch roster is seeing at least some sort of individual tweak in the shooter’s most recent PTR patch, and while the changes aren’t exactly sweeping on a character-to-character basis, the sheer number of tweaks is enough to likely cause regular players to consider some new tactics.

A number of these changes seem to be directed at characters with shields: Symmetra’s Photon Barrier is seeing a reduction in duration and health, Winston’s Barrier Projector is getting a higher duration and health, and D.Va’s Defense Matrix is getting a faster regeneration rate and shorter regeneration delay, for example. Other notable adjustments include a longer damage falloff range for Tracer’s Pulse Pistols, a change to Mercy’s extra Valkyrie beams that now lets them ignore enemy barriers, and some buffs to Lucio’s Crossfade and Amp It Up abilities.

There’s certainly a fair bit of things to take in and apparently a chunky file to download, so give the notes a look.

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cool just another 2 months before its actually released so we all have to deal with DF meta because blizzard incompetence.