Star Trek Online’s patch today continues adjusting patrols rewards

That's Trek for you.

Here’s the bad news for today’s patch inĀ Star Trek Online: The Delta patrol missions will be providing less experience at the end of the patrol because experience rewards had previously been far too high. But everything else in the next patch is targeted at improving player rewards from patrol missions, something the developers are happy to see is definitely making the rounds as “bite-sized” content for players to enjoy and engage with.

The new patrol system, for example, is getting an experience and mastery reward increase. There’s also more dilithium and a daily bonus to the first patrol played per day for any given character, giving you even more incentive to at least clear one on a given day. This is admittedly not the final pass, though; the developers acknowledge that this is still a process of finding exactly the right space for patrols to occupy in the game, so keep playing and keep offering feedback. You can also pick up one of the bundles from our giveaway to help along that course.

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