Star Wars: The Old Republic adds progression for Sorcerers and Sages

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It is always disappointing when an MMO expansion comes along and then gives your character nothing to show for those shiny new levels he or she earned. That won’t be the case with this October’s SWTOR: Onslaught expansion, as BioWare has plenty of ways for your intergalactic adventurer to progress.

In a new blog series, the studio shares some of the progression rewards for its advanced classes, starting with Sorcerers and Sages. Each class gets a new skill: the Sorcerer will zap people with a Volt Rush, while the Sage will have fun with Telekinetic Blitz.

On top of that, there are new armor sets to pursue, each with bonuses that aid existing skills (especially the expansion ones). And as if that’s not enough, these Onslaught sets will also come with a “tactical” item.

“Tacticals are slightly different from set bonuses,” explained BioWare. “While tacticals also change how some abilities function, they come in the form of a new gear type. They don’t have actual stats on them like power, mastery, or critical rating; instead, they augment how an ability will function.”

Source: SWTOR

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