Crowfall details the War of the Gods milestone and what it means for an alpha release


A major milestone is on the horizon for Crowfall in the form of War of the Gods. This collective name for several updates is not only meritorious because it adds a new style of campaign, a new class, and new gameplay features, but it apparently will be the final piece of the puzzle that leads the throne war MMO out of pre-alpha and into an alpha release.

In an interview with Ten Ton Hammer, creative director J. Todd Coleman elaborated on just what’s being worked on in War of the Gods. Players can expect the Frostweaver, Crowfall’s final class, to be added to the game, along with mounts, caravans, and refineries. The big feature being worked on with this milestone, however, is the Dregs campaign.

The Dregs is a guild vs. guild PvP campaign that will run for a full four seasons from spring to winter and tasks players with either capturing territory or currying the gods’ favor through various tasks. This means that the Dregs is different from the game’s current form of PvP in that simply capturing buildings is not the only way to win, adding what Coleman hopes is a more strategic element to Crowfall’s existing gameplay beats.

Earning divine favor is done through one of three types of tasks: Glory, Wealth, and Power. Glory objectives will require guilds to complete tasks to please the gods; Wealth objectives focus on creating buildings; and Power objectives are variations on the game’s existing capture and siege gameplay. Goals will be randomized from campaign to campaign and should have enough variety that enormous guilds won’t automatically win.

According to Coleman, once the War of the Gods milestone’s features go live, Crowfall will effectively be in alpha. Projected launch for this milestone is sometime in early 2020.

There was also an ACE Q&A session for September which once again touched on various points of player interest including how to teach new players the game, how passive training is going, and continued discussion about the Dregs campaign.

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