Elder Scrolls Legends will open the Jaws of Oblivion on October 8


Personally speaking, I thought that The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion was the weakest of the original single-player RPGs. Perhaps that game’s story beats will translate to more interesting CCG mechanics, however, as Elder Scrolls Legends is going to pop some holes into Oblivion with the Jaws of Oblivion expansion.

Jaws of Oblivion, as one would expect, will introduce the Oblivion Gates to the online CCG in the form of the Invade mechanic, letting players build “havoc-wreaking power.” Provided the opponent doesn’t destroy said Gate first, naturally. The expansion will also introduce Daedra cards, for a total of 75 new cards, and will dress up the game with a new playmat, new card backs, new theme decks, and new music and visuals.

This new expansion is set to launch on Tuesday, October 8th. Those who drop $50 on a pre-order will get themselves 50 expansion packs and a Legendary pack when the expansion goes live, along with a unique card back and title available from the moment of purchase.

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Dang, thought this was ESO for a second and got really excited for more Oblivion stuff.