Fallout 76 players have put a fellow player on trial for raiding


A dangerous raider has been captured after an assault on a raiding facility, which raises the question of what should be done with him. Warlord, a leader of the Vultures, has been captured and his fate is being left in the hands of the people who he has wronged. It sounds like a pretty good set-up for a quest in Fallout 76, except for the fact that it’s not a quest. It’s just what has actually happened as the player group Fallout Five-o puts on a trial to see what’s to be done with Warlord.

Of course, if you’ve followed MMOs for a long time, you are probably not surprised by the idea of an in-character trial or the effort that’s being put into it; Age of Wushu and ArcheAge both had player-run trials as major mechanics. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s still fascinating to see players gathering together and using in-game tools to serve as what amounts to a police force. It’s the sort of emergent environment that’s always good to see, especially in the explicitly post-apocalyptic playground of Fallout 76.

News of the Warlord's capture by the New Responders has driven Rose into a brooding depression. Not so much out of any…

Posted by The Vultures – Fallout 76 Raider Gang on Thursday, 26 September 2019

Simon Says Testimony of Simon Rex Trailer

This week we had the pain in the A$%…ummm…. we mean pleasure of Mr. Simon Rex of the infamous CHAD: A Fallout 76 Podcast Chad: A Fallout 76 Story Podcast in to the court house to provide his testimony in the case of the People of Appalachia vs The Warlord. Here is just a taste of what transpired…The full testimony will be avaiable later today as documents are declassified. Remember, YOU the community of Appalachia (Facebook/Twitter) will decide The Warlords fate! SO PAY ATTENTION TO THE FACTS, NOT YOUR "THIS GUY IS A COOL BAD ASS MOTHERF&%$#$The Vultures – Fallout 76 Raider Gang#RespondersAreCoolToo!

Posted by Fallout Five-0 on Thursday, 26 September 2019

Source: Facebook via Polygon

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Ashfyn Ninegold

This looks pretty cool. Seems like everyone’s having a lot of fun with it. Looking forward to more episodes.


I was put on trial once.

I was playing on an Ultima Online player run Role Playing server. I had set myself up as a Lawful Evil Alchemist/Mage who was a business man. I got an Orc to become my Enforcer and I went about trying to monopolize the Alchemy market. After much implications of harm and a certain Orc making trouble for the other Alchemists they all shut down except one.

The one was in this super huge goody-two-shoes town and they didn’t want to play ball. So my Enforcer and I started paying regular trips to the town to make sure some unfortunate accidents happened like Blade Spirits showing up. After a few weeks they had enough and decided they would pay me off 1 million gold to never step foot in their town ever again. I accepted, and being Lawful Evil I kept that promise even with the things to come.

The same goody town later decided to declare war on the like 3 people playing Dark Elves despite having 20-30 people living in it. Seeing an opportunity I joined in with the Dark Elves. My Enforcer and I were very good at PvP having come from the original UO so a bunch of role players of course didn’t stand a chance.

People’s faith wavered and more and more of the good players started making Dark Elf characters. The whole server became a blood bath as if the Dark Elves weren’t attacking the surface the good players were attacking the underdark. Eventually they became about equal strength to the good players and that’s when I made my masterstroke feigning sleight over something the Dark Elves had done and started murdering everyone.

At this point the GMs of the server, at the request of the goody players, decided to put me on Trial because no one was role playing anymore and everyone was just PvPing/talking shit. I explained to them my master plan that by getting everyone to fight each other they would all buy more of my potions and I would become obscenely rich while simultaneously being the strongest player effectively making me rule the world. Any number of points along the way they could have stopped it, from ending the war on the Dark Elves to teaming up against me but in the end it was their own blood thirsty nature that they had given into that allowed me to rise to power.

I got away unscathed but they ended up doing a wipe and starting over so my reign was ultimately short lived.

Patreon Donor

is this the no lifer that put a bounty on his own head in all but words requesting some decent rp pvp in the process?

despite misgivings of the no life mind set i salute this player and this group for doing it up. good lads.