Fallout 76 players have put a fellow player on trial for raiding


A dangerous raider has been captured after an assault on a raiding facility, which raises the question of what should be done with him. Warlord, a leader of the Vultures, has been captured and his fate is being left in the hands of the people who he has wronged. It sounds like a pretty good set-up for a quest in Fallout 76, except for the fact that it’s not a quest. It’s just what has actually happened as the player group Fallout Five-o puts on a trial to see what’s to be done with Warlord.

Of course, if you’ve followed MMOs for a long time, you are probably not surprised by the idea of an in-character trial or the effort that’s being put into it; Age of Wushu and ArcheAge both had player-run trials as major mechanics. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s still fascinating to see players gathering together and using in-game tools to serve as what amounts to a police force. It’s the sort of emergent environment that’s always good to see, especially in the explicitly post-apocalyptic playground of Fallout 76.



Source: Facebook via Polygon
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