Hearthstone makes plans for more events, more shakeups, and quest improvements

Oh no, evidence!

With the third chapter of the Tombs of Terror campaign rolling outHearthstone is giving players a chance to peek behind the curtain to see what’s coming next for the game, starting with more events. Yes, it turns out that players enjoy events in the game, so the team wants to do more of them. And while re-introducing several classic and powerful cards into the standard rotation for a limited time might not be the traditional definition of an event, it’ll definitely serve as an event.

The game will also be changing how quests work, dividing daily quests into “Easy” and “Slightly More Difficult” categories. Rerolling the latter category will always award an “Easy” daily quest, ensuring that you always have access to something that can be completed in a straightforward manner. Combine that with removing or rebalancing some of the least-liked daily quests and plans for new player portraits for 1,000 wins and there’s plenty to look forward to even beyond card-slinging exploration.


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