Inside Star Citizen talks about the mission sharing, weapon attachments, and ship rental features of alpha 3.7


While much of Star Citizen’s alpha 3.7 update has been about caves and first-person mining, there’s much more coming with the next update, and this week’s Inside Star Citizen video offered a rundown of what else is coming, such as the ability to share missions, new weapon attachments, and the ability to rent spaceships among other features.

Mission sharing is pretty standard fare: You can take up missions and share them with those in your group. This allows players to take on harder missions and earn more rewards in the process, along with share in any reputation changes over the course of a missioni. Speaking of reputation, alpha 3.7 will also implement restrictions on docking privileges for those who have a CrimeStat in more lawful stations like Port Olisar, and will introduce missions for players with CrimeStat level 5 that have them taking on the literal Navy. Which means they’ll probably want to share those missions with friends. See how it all comes around?

Weapon attachments are in the works, with items like suppressors, compensators, and combat flashlights that can hide your character behind a glowing corona and (presumably) make it hard for others to get a bead on you. The video also showed off a new pistol with two firing modes: a single-shot mode and a shotgun-like frag mode.

Finally, the video offered a look at the new spaceship rental function which will let players rent spacecraft for one, three, seven, or 30 days of real-world time, letting you check out a Prospector without having to cough up real-world bucks or grind your face into the belt sander of missions for aUEC. The video also offered a close look at some enhanced character customization options to help you make your best digital self.

source: YouTube
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