Mobile MMORPG Warhammer: Odyssey walks you through some of its locales in a video


Why would you want to stroll through a world where a Chaos Moon is causing misery, strife, and death? Why, to show off your MMO’s world, of course! Warhammer: Odyssey, the free-to-play mobile MMORPG that was unveiled this past August, has put out a preview video showcasing some of the locations your character will travel to.

The video lists itself as pre-alpha footage, but I have to admit that this is pretty darn good looking for pre-alpha on a mobile MMORPG. The video shows what looks like a female Witch Hunter taking a leisurely stroll through creepy forests, past burning effigies, and alongside a town that’s burning under siege. You know, a leisurely skip through the outdoors.

Information about what this game plays like is still unannounced, likely owing to the fact that it’s still being developed, but TouchArcade reports that conversation in the game’s official Discord confirmed that there will not be any auto-pathing or auto-play feature in Warhammer: Odyssey. More information about what else is in this bit of pocket MMORPG gaming should arrive as the game nears its release next year, but for now we’ll just all have to walk through the World That Was in the trailer below.

source: TouchArcade

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David Goodman

No auto-play is a really risky option – one that I approve of! However, it’s a mobile MMO, and no matter how cool or good it is, I won’t be playing it. For basically the same reasons as I won’t be playing Diablo Immortal even if it turns out to be good.

The TL;DR is this: if i’m at home, i’m on my computer. If i’m at work, i’m at work. If i’m commuting, the train doesn’t allow me to play an MMO game. (lack of room, lack of connection, that sort of thing. I don’t board at a time where there’s seating available unfortunately, and by the time there is, it’s time to get off .)

If it’s a non-work day, and I’m not at home, then the chances are reasonably high that I’m doing something else that is more important, such as shopping, hanging out with my family, or planning a heist. Or shopping for heist-tools with my family.

I just don’t understand the draw of large-scale mobile games (MMOS or ARPGs like D:I). It doesn’t play to the device’s inherent strengths, and I can’t imagine a situation where it’d be reasonable for anyone, least of all me. Maybe if I’m on my computer I could load it up on Bluestacks, but it still competes with games designed specifically for a PC so it’d have to be something REALLY unique that I can’t get elsewhere


“conversation in the game’s official Discord confirmed that there will not be any auto-pathing or auto-play feature in Warhammer: Odyssey”

If that’s true, there are going to be a heck of a lot of psyched and happy mobile MMORPG players. Autoplay is still almost always done on mobile and great numbers of people want a new quality MMORPG there that doesn’t have that option.


Visually I really like what I’m seeing. It’s very much not what I’d normally expect from a mobile game. I hope the actual gameplay is similarly impressive.


Yeah though I felt like I actually could feel my battery draining on my tablet just watching that video.

Realistically the battery tech in mobile hasn’t caught up to the graphical capability. It’s why we normally don’t see graphical intensive stuff like that.

That’s the kind of stuff that still drains your battery even if you’re plugged in the entire time, since the amount of power that comes through your mobile adaptors and skinny cords is limited.

That really is the issue holding back mobile from having these full big beautiful games at the moment. We need advancements in mobile battery tech.

Raimo Kangasniemi

Those who dislike that this isn’t a MMORPG for PC (and consoles) – if this does well, then it could well encourage Games Workshop and publishers to develop new, larger-scope Warhammer MMOs to more traditional platforms.


Was interested, then saw it was on mobile.


Aaron Weddle

i want an MMO Set in the 40k universe i could care less about the fantasy universe

Marco Antonio Clivio Benitez

We still have the warhammer online private server. That’s better than nothing.


It’s like they’re mocking us.

Bruno Brito

A mobile Warhammer game.

I honestly feel sadness in me, right now.