The Daily Grind: Do you set MMO monthly goals?


There is a trend among us MMO bloggers that started a few years back in which we outline our gaming goals for each month as well as report on what we accomplished the month previous. I’ve actually found it to be both motivational and useful in tracking my gaming habits over a longer period of time. It’s always interesting to me to see what goals I set going into a month — and how the month shapes up after that point.

I never feel like setting these goals are constraining or invite pressure onto myself, to be honest. Instead, they can be a source of encouragement and a way to get pumped up for things I want to do instead of merely exist day-to-day online.

Do you set monthly goals in your gaming? Do you pick new games to play, or milestones to accomplish, or different things to try?

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Malcolm Swoboda

I do, but I almost never meet them. And they’re pretty modest goals. When I meet or surpass them, its usually something like finishing X story content. When it comes to progression, achievement hunting, personal skill betterment, ha no way.

The last time I fully managed it might have been 2017 catching up on Secret World Legends releases of old story I was mostly already familiar with.

One big reason I have moved a lot to mobile games with storylines, even while my gaming library (off and online) keeps exploding even while I spend little money, is because even the most story heavy games are usually easier to digest. This isn’t only a good thing, its just how my patterns have been lately.

I didn’t meet my WoW goals this month and my sub ended. My top goal was to get all the initial racial Alliance zones (forest, westfall, redridge, dun, loch, tele, darkshore, ashen) and a bit more if I can. What I actually managed was just the first dwarf zone, first two human zones, and half or more of Redridge. I mean… its not *terrible* for casual leveling in a month for story-immersion (shoutout to Immersion addon, too), but I expected more.

If I go to SWTOR in Oct, well I’m currently in 2.X (Hutt Cartel) for main story, and no matter my goals, I’m sure I’d get 3.X at furthest in main story. 6.0 is cool and all but SWTOR clearly ain’t my main game.

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After listening to Justin talk about flying in BfA I decided that was a reasonable goal. But, much like dieting or exercise, I’m good right up until I see “Waveblade Ankoan”. And then I fall off the wagon.


…your use of that word would do Ms. Sylvanas proud! >.<

Kickstarter Donor

ONLY if there is an event I want to participate in, otherwise nope not at all its just the usual level one alt to a progression point switch to the next, rinse and repeat until they all reach end game.

Toy Clown

I’m not hardcore about it, but I do set goals for myself. I feel having a “game plan” is a major reason to keep playing because it makes me aware of the content I need to do to accomplish that goal, which in turn causes me to plan how to tackle that content, whether it can be done solo or through group play.

In early gaming (UO), goals were more about getting rich and powerful enough to hold my own in PvP. Those tended to be obscure, long-term goals that I worked toward naturally while playing.

In EQ1 it took nearly two years to get my cleric epic weapon. It was a long, frustrating grind I kept at and the payoff was great since I could get into any guild with invitations to fill in healer ranks in other guild’s raids. The clicky-rez stick made it fast recovering from 54-man raid wipes.

Since MMOs are aimed more at casual players now, my goals tend to go on a notebook page and I cross them off as I get them done, while also adding more as I go along. I’ll date the goals so I don’t keep passing over one.

Bryan Correll

Occasionally I’ll have specific goals to accomplish within some time frame, but not as a regular thing.



I would think of setting goals once i stopped enjoying the random stuff the game wants me to do, and that’s usually when i either roll an alt or quit the game.

Bree Royce
Bree Royce

Nopes! I like my spreadsheets because that’s actually fun for me, but “goals” sounds like work, and I already do plenty of that. :D My only real goal in a game is to actually enjoy whatever I’m feeling like doing day to day.



When I was still playing MMOs (as opposed to waiting for a good one…), I was very group and community orientated, so setting monthly goals was counterproductive because everything was reliant on other people. I would set a weekly schedule in order to organise activities, but no timelines for achieving things. We’d just keep playing whilst we were still having fun, and when we stopped having fun we’d re-evaluate and setup new schedules.

In single player games, I made a conscious decision a few years back to stop worrying about completing games. So, I’m now a game hopper in the single player world – the instant I stop having fun or lose interest, jump game and find something better. I’m lucky to have a 200mb connection and spare cash so if I don’t own anything I want to play, I can buy something new.

Some of you may ask “why would you play a game you weren’t enjoying anyway?”. Well, simply because no game has ever been 100% enjoyable, so sometimes you have to push through the crap to get to the good stuff. Or perhaps your friend convinced you it got better later on. For example, I hate leveling in MMOs, but I did it because I enjoyed endgame.


No, i have never set monthly goals in a game, my gaming never naturally breaks into segments like that. My goals are either much more short term (get x level) or long term (complete progression and work on BiS gear, etc.). The only time i ever set monthly goals is in personal finance or work.