Forsaken World is a new mobile version of Forsaken World (the non-mobile version)

No, the title is not a typo, and yes, it's very confusing

oh dear

All right, hands up for everyone who remembers Forsaken World Mobile back in 2015. It launched back then, really, and it promptly got zero traction and lost everyone’s attention. So not a bright start for mobile ports of Forsaken World, but the team at Perfect World Entertainment isn’t giving up just yet, resulting in the new mobile title… Forsaken World. Yes, this one doesn’t even get a “mobile” suffix or anything, it just has the same name as its non-mobile version.

Life is a cavalcade of bliss at times.

Aside from the title ambiguity, Forsaken World (The Boss Says We Can’t Call It Mobile) contains race-and-gender-locked classes, a fairly detailed character creator, and the interesting distinction of technically being a prequel to the non-mobile version. You can check out the character creation and early gameplay in videos just below. There’s also apparently a VIP program with the game’s current version, which probably wouldn’t play well if the game is ever localized for North America; then again, you can judge for yourself whether you think that would be a loss.

Source: MMO Culture
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