Global Chat: Diving deep into Project Gorgon

Global Chat: Diving deep into Project Gorgon

While you’re over there playing the same-old, same-old MMO, do you know who is having a spectacular time discovering one of the most original games in our genre? The Friendly Necromancer, that’s who.

The discovery in question is Project Gorgon, which enticed this MMO blogger into playing and writing about it over several sessions. It definitely sounds as though Tom here is having a blast.

“During our tour around the world I was shown a ‘back door’ to the place where all the high level people hang out: Red Wing Casino,” Tom said. “This place is chock-full of training NPCs and side games. I was absolutely overjoyed to find out that you can actually play match-3 inside of Project Gorgon, and it pays pretty good too! At least for a low level shmuck like me.”

Tales of the Aggronaut: The success of WoW Classic

Classic has been a breath of fresh air for so many of us, and a remembering that there was a time when we wholeheartedly loved the gameplay experience. There is a certain characteristic of the gameplay that makes it almost impossible to be truly optimal, and in that there is a freedom. Sure you can play better, but every aspect of the game is fighting against you building something perfect.”

The Ancient Gaming Noob: Everybody comes to Westfall

“Westfall is one of the quintessential zones of Azeroth. For the Alliance it is where a lot of players converge as the quest lines there lead to the Deadmines instance. If you want to have Gryan Stoutmantle shout your name out to the zone you have to get on board the quest train.”

Contains Moderate Peril: Star Trek Online Awakening

“As ever with STO, the new story is inventive and draws heavily upon multiple threads of established in-game and canonical lore. There are numerous elements to the plot but complexity is not always a stumbling block, if handled well. Cryptic are aware that not all players may be familiar with all the elements from Star Trek: Discovery so there are several instances of characters pausing to deliver substantial quantities of expositionary dialogue.”


GamingSF: Self-imposed difficulty in MMORPGs

“I’m not that familiar with the game but I can understand the concept of self-imposed difficulty in a MMO. As yet I’ve not read of any similar experiments in Classic, of players chosing deliberately underpowered class/spec choices, or limiting themselves to no twinking (e.g. no buying items of other players or the auction house) – I expect it will happen if it hasn’t already though.”

Kaylriene: How I bought a decommissioned WoW server blade

“Why did I buy it? Well, despite being a cool runner-up (I really wanted the original round of blades for my home server, but the auction setup and high pricing meant it wasn’t going to happen), it was also a sort of interesting reminder of why I am still engaged with WoW at all.”

MMO Juggler: Finished Elder Scrolls Online Summerset

“The Summerset storyline was nine quests, each multi-step and fairly involved, and I enjoyed it overall. The boss fights were fun and challenging and I’m grateful that failing (dying) only made me retry from a recent checkpoint, not redo the entire fight.”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.

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Project Gorgon did for me, what I imagine WoW Classic is now doing for many people. Although admittedly, I don’t play it as much as I used to, it really made me appreciate what brought me into the genre and why I love MMOs. Then when I went back to my previous game I went back with a renewed focus on what is important to me; which is an emphasis on friends and community versus graphics and animations, etc. Although all those bells and whistles are nice, Project Gorgon does twice as much as most MMOs with much less. I can say with certainty that I feel good with my purchase of Project Gorgon, which is more than I can say about many MMOs from the last 5 years.


Same. I haven’t played it in a while, but the first few weeks in Gorgon really had me invested in this wild, crazy world and their detailed, but off-the-wall systems. They’ve really nailed a lot. Like Panagiotis below, I’d love to see their take on a super detailed housing system. If I had a “home” to link me back to that world, I’d likely invest a lot more time than I have.


Project Gorgon is one detailed housing system away from being a great game

Its probably the most promising game out there but its rough visuals doesnt help it attract as many people as it needs to fund even further. I really hope things will get better over time on that


That and its entry price can seem daunting I guess, even if you don’t have to worry about further purchases beyond the box price.


Exactly the visuals. For me is mostly the posture of characters, their faces and lack of detailed customization.

I don’t know why are they taking so long to update character models or are they even planning it…