The MOP Up: Warframe’s community designs stunning fashion


One really neat aspect of the ultra-popular Warframe is that Digital Extremes invites artistic community members to design cosmetics for the game. The best of these are then created and added, such as this past week’s 17th round of TennoGen.

“Our latest collection of Tenno-designed cosmetics includes warframe skins, operator accessories, Syandanas and more,” Digital Extremes said. “Stop by the in-game market to see the whole collection and pick up some new pieces for your fashion frame!”

And this is just the beginning of the rest of the news! Read on for a roundup of other smaller MMO news stories and videos from this past week in this edition of The MOP Up (and if you don’t see a news story that we should have covered, drop us a tip)!

MapleStory’s Fabled Melody update is on the way, and it is bringing a whole lot with it — including a series of bardic quests and Halloween events.

Production fees and building degradation arrived with Prosperous Universe’s recent “Prelude” patch.

“Season 4 continues in Update 4.3 with a new progression system to improve your non-lethal play skills, Survival Mastery,” PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds posted. “The shotgun family got some special attention this patch with a slight rebalance and care packages are now dropping a new bundle of joy, the DBS.”

Want to be a manticore or go hunting on some wild battlegrounds? Aura Kingdom now has you covered.

Mobile MMO Lumia Saga recently added both the Ranger and Assassin classes. Cool!

Smilegate employees held a demonstration to ask for more stable work practices at the company.

All has returned to normal in Otherland, but you should expect some patches to come to the game soon.

EverQuest’s Coirnav progression server just unlocked the Omens of War expansion. “Arm thyself and journey forth to protect Norrath!”

Interested in MMO soundtracks? TemTem’s composer talked to Gamasutra about the adaptive music he’s making for the game while Guild Wars 2’s Charr metal band has been posted to Soundcloud.

Mortal Online gave a glimpse of its upcoming guild recruitment system for newbies.

SMITE Blitz rolled out a soft launch to several countries, including USA, Canada, UK, and parts of Europe.

Top-down PvP action shooter Veterans Online is coming to Steam this fall:

Lineage 2M revealed its game map, and it’s kind of beautiful:

Sea of Thieves poured another round of grog and spoke in low tones about the October update:

A new digital card game enters the ring: Mythgard. “Welcome to Mythgard, a CCG of boundless depth and strategy. Dragons vie with jets for control of the skies, and mortals rise to challenge creatures of myth. Unleash spells, summon minions, and master unique tactical enchantments to control the magic of Mythgard:”

Armored Warfare takes the fight to American soil with a new story arc and locales:

Livonia, the second official map for DayZ, has been announced:

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